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It warms my heart when I see people reading. It is the foundation for learning. I believe we could solve a lot of our educational problems if we not only taught people how to read but an appreciation for the written word.

grislibrary5I went to the Washington Memorial Library late one afternoon last week. There were plenty of cars in the parking lot. But I didn’t see very many folks on the second floor. They were nowhere to be found up and down the rows of books. They weren’t checking out the latest in fiction, history, politics or even cooking or sewing.

They were all on computers. There wasn’t an empty seat in the computer lab. They were spread around the floor in little cubby holes, tapping into the wi-fi with their tablets and laptops.

It was disturbing. They weren’t reading. They were surfing.

It also made me wonder. Is this grand old place, with its storied tradition, becoming less of a library and more of an Internet café?

That would be sad.

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